Thursday, November 29, 2012

Back on the Bandwagon

I am back on the bandwagon.....I haven't posted to my blog for six months now----since I got back from Holland.  I don't have many excuses except the BIGGEST just gets in the way.  I've been traveling and catching up on life in the UAE.  Between the two I just let my blogging die.  

Sooooo, I'm back to it again.  I've so much to blog about that I don't think I'll ever catch up.  Hot summer in Abu Dhabi, my grandson turned one in August which warranted another visit back to the US, a stopover in Europe was absolutely necessary on the way, another photography expedition in India during the month of October, and most recently our annual Thanksgiving blowout. (By the way, I didn't get photos AGAIN!  I'm always too busy playing hostess and miss taking photos of the party.  This year I even set out my camera on a table so I wouldn't forget.  I forgot!)

I recently joined a Writing Club and attended the first meeting.  What JOY!  I so enjoy communing with like-minded people who appreciate the written word the same way I do.  The group shared readings of their work and it was so wonderful to see so much talent around a small table.  I look forward to continuing and be inspired.  This Club meeting inspired me to get back to something I truly enjoy and just let it flow.

I also joined another little club that I know I am going to absolutely love.  I was invited to join a small group of ladies who speak Italian and want to practice a bit.  They meet for lunch every Tuesday somewhere in the city, preferably an Italian restaurant, and speak only Italian.  Marie, a native Italian raised in Montreal, Canada who has a strong resemblance to Donatella Versace (no kidding!),  has assumed the role of insegnante teacher for the group by fluently correcting, prodding, enunciating, translating, and smiling a lot through gritted teeth I'm sure as we butcher her beloved Italian.  Sometimes I am overcome with the language and begin to speak it when I see it on a menu i. e. when I ordered my meal in Italian and responded to all his questions (asked in English) with a Si, Si, Si, (yes). Marie gently reminded me that he didn't speak Italian.  :)  I look forward to lunching each week with these lovely ladies and indulging in a little of my favorite culture.  

I'll be writing more about the happenings in Abu Dhabi and the surrounding area as usual, and also posting a bit about my trip to India.  I will try to put into words the wonderful experience of India but it will be hard.  India is something you cannot describe and give understanding to another.  One must experience it personally to grasp all of the nuances that make up such an incredible place.  (and I only traveled in a tiny little piece of the country!) 

I know I've promised before to post more regularly.....and I always seem to get caught up in life and neglect my duty.  So I won't promise to do that but I will promise to do my best to be a better blogger.  
Enough said!


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