Monday, March 29, 2010

Some Houses in our Neighborhood

Emirati houses are typically very large with walls built around them. The large ones usually have seven or eight bedrooms and a ladies salon and a men's salon. They sometimes have very large windows. One near our house has stained glass windows in the front. I find it quite interesting that not many have garages. They will have a mansion of a house and park their cars in a large driveway or on the street. They usually have lots of cars. Many houses in my neighborhood have eight vehicles outside. I have been told my landlord owns ten. Our neighborhood, Al Mushrif, is considered to be one of the old neighborhoods where some of the old important families reside. They are typically more conservative Muslims. Al Mushrif is considered a middle class area. We have a few old, wealthy families scattered among us but the more wealthy families and the Shaikh's live in another area. Now if you want to see a mansion......just look there. I don't have photos of this area yet. I do plan to get a few of these houses as they are magnificent.

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