Monday, March 22, 2010

Visit to Italy Again

I actually wrote this blog from the Marco Polo Aeroporto in Venezia as I departed my beloved Italia. I spent ten days in March drinking Italian wine, eating pasta, and doing the mundane everyday things Italians do. (Unfortunately, I did not make the time to get it posted so you are reading a re-write of the original blog. )On top of that, I spent some time searching for un apartmento or la casa. John and I have long wanted to buy something in Italy where we may possibly retire when his time is up with the military. No real luck this time but I really didn’t expect to find anything in such a short time. I found a few possibilities and will continue to follow up on them. Now is the time to buy with the prices down and the prediction that the Euro will take a dive against the dollar. So that means less USD for the dollar.

One of the highlights of my trip this time was going to wine country near Udine in a little town called Propetto. It was just one vineyard after the other. My good friends Jill Butterfield and Glenda Green invited me to join them as they searched out a new wine they recently tasted at a wine festival in Venice. So we spent the day on a quest for Sciapettino. What fun to go from vineyard to vineyard tasting the wine. We had a special treat when one of the wineries offered to take us down to the taverna (cellar) where the wine was aging in barrels and drink some of the wine right out of the barrel. He used a clear tube that worked like a siphon to draw out the wine and pour into our glasses. It was such a treat to get to do this. Then to cap it off, we ate at the most fabulous little restaurant in Cividale.

I went to Stradella’s every morning for cappuccino and enjoyed sitting in the hustle and bustle of the little town of Aviano. The same family has been serving the town for who knows how many years. Paola, the owner, knows exactly what each person wants as they walk in the door. It really is the center of life in the town. Then, another café in the Piazza called Café Centrale, is celebrating 100 years of service to the community this month. Imagine. They have been open for 100 years in the same location!!!!

I spent a lot of time just driving around and soaking in the area. It was so nice to get up each morning and be greeted by la vista panoramica of the snow-capped mountains. Of course, my camera tagged along. I have yet to sit down and review all my photos to determine the best and worthy of sharing. I just love Italy and was sad to leave.

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