Saturday, September 11, 2010

All Women Taxi Drivers

Taxis designed for women only are gaining popularity in the UAE. Just wanted to share these articles with you as it is so different than what we are used to in the US and other countries. I've had women taxi drivers but not ones that exclusively drive women.

Pink taxis top choice in Abu Dhabi

Women drivers are safer than male colleagues

"Abu Dhabi women have extended a warm welcome to pink taxis, the female-only taxis introduced last week, a senior official told Gulf News. Pink taxis are meant for women and children younger than 10 years of age. In pink taxis, men are not be allowed to travel even with their families." excerpt from Gulf News dated February 18, 2010

Behind the wheel: Pink twice

More female cab drivers wanted as Dubai's popular taxi fleet is set to double in the coming months

"Dubai: Dubai is looking for more female taxi drivers as the highly successful Pink Taxi fleet is set to double to 50 in the next few months, a senior official said.

We have 65 Pink Taxi drivers and plan to hire 52 more," said Yousuf Al Ali, Director of Fleet Processes and Operation Department at the Dubai Taxi Corporation.

The company has a fleet of 3,504 cabs, of which 24 are Pink Taxis, which they plan to double.

Al Ali said female cabbies are popular among lady passengers and families as they are at ease with them. "Due to cultural factors, women are comfortable with female drivers," said Al Ali. "Many Westerners visiting Dubai for the first time are surprised to see they can opt for female taxi drivers."

The drivers come from a dozen nationalities who work from 6am to 2am in two shifts. They are covered by a health insurance and an honouring programme. They also get 30-day annual leave, a one-day weekly off and a basic pay of Dh1,500, a month, but may earn up to Dh4,000 on commissions." excerpt from Gulf News dated 9-11-2010

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