Sunday, February 27, 2011


Once again I have lapsed from my duties of blog writing. I have a good excuse this time. It is not just pure laziness. I have been traveling again. I am back in my beloved Italia and loving every minute of it. I've been drinking cappacino, riding the train to Venice, wine bar hopping in Venice, and eating great Italian food (today it was Ravioli de Zucca con burro---a pumpkin filled ravioli noodle covered in butter sauce). Of course, the wine is divine! I had the pleasure of dining with my good friends last night, Jill Butterfield and Terry Meadors, and "Doc" Scott Green at the Meadors household where bottles of Puzzilin Sciapettini wine were opened and enjoyed immensely. Jill and Terry also provided a non-Italian food fare of a Mexican flavor, which was a lovely change of pace as I cannot get good Mexican in Abu Dhabi.

Tonight's dinner will consist of a gingerly visit to our favorite Budoia ristorante, Ca Del Bosco. I believe I will dine on Tagliatelle San Daniele, a favorite of mine and Katie's. Alberto, owner of Ca Del Bosco, does a wonderful job of coating the noodles in panna, Budoia funghi (mushrooms), and chunks of San Daniele prosciutto and parmesano cheese.

I made a short side trip up to Esslingen, Germany (near Stuttgart) to visit some good friends and attend a housewarming party. I went to a Besen and attended a Fasching Parade, which are both traditional events in Germany. More to follow on those two events.

Having a great time and loving every single second!

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