Monday, January 31, 2011

Bollywood's FilmFare Awards

Bollywood, India's Hollywood, has its own version of the Oscars called FilmFare Awards. The 56th Annual Filmfare Awards Show was held Saturday. The show boasts much of the same as the Oscars by presenting awards for Best Actor and Actress, Best Picture, Best Director, etc. in various film categories. They even have the Red Carpet. Filmfare is an industry in itself complete with a website for all the Bollywood Gossip, photos, events, movie news, etc. associated with the entertainment world. The Filmfare Awards are presented annually to honor both artistic and technical excellence of professionals in the Hindi Language film industry of India. The ceremony is one of the oldest and most prominent film events given for Hindi films. Many Bollywood films are screened in the UAE in both Hindi and English or with subtitles. Slumdog Millionaire, which became famous in the US and won Oscars, was a Bollywood production and is typical of the Bollywood productions.

Dancers performing at the awards ceremony.

Bollywood Female Stars Walking the Red Carpet

I was amused to read about the "Style Gone Wrong" that is featured on the Filmfare website, which is much the same as Joan Rivers' Style Watch at the Oscars. The photo on the right was on the web site highlighting three different movie stars that had shown up on the Red Carpet wearing "not quite right" clothing. The critiques were much the same as what we see in the US.

The night's Best Actor award went to Shah Rhuk Khan, more commonly called SRK in the Tabloids in India, or his portrayal in
My Name is Khan, a film which premiered in the US as well. He is a very famous actor in Bollywood and his films are always advertised in the UAE at the cinemas. Not sure how his film was received in the US but it was deemed an excellent movie in the news media here.

Filmfare Magazine is an English-language tabloid-sized magazine about Indian cinema. Published by
The Time
s Group, India's largest media services conglomerate, in Mumbai (Bombay), it highlights the doings of the Bollywood film scene. The most popular entertainment magazine in India, it is read by the overseas Indian community worldwide.

Below is a YouTube video promotion from last year's Filmfare Awards.

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