Thursday, June 23, 2011

Furniture Shopping in Abu Dhabi!!!!!

Been doing some furniture shopping on a used furniture website called Dubizzle. People come and go so quickly here that really good bargains are easy to find. I found a few items that made my eyebrow go up a few inches. Sometimes I just wonder. Like this chair here. AND IT HAS A MATCHING SOFA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another great matching sofa and chair. Just makes you want to pinch yourself doesn't it?

To each his own......I guess.
What really did it for me and made me just want to scream were these curtains! I mean really now. Would you want to hang these babies in your house? OMG!!!!

The caption under this picture read "real classics." I just wanted to laugh. Funny thing is I actually thought about buying them and having them recovered. With my designer eye, I can see these in the right setting and they could really add some punch to a room just as they are. You would have to be very brave and know what you were doing though!


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