Thursday, June 23, 2011


I finally have a car!!!!!!!!!!!!!! John recently rented me a Toyota Yaris for scooting around the city to house hunt and furniture hunt. I AM A FREE WOMAN!!!!!!!!!!

It feels so good to be driving around and not depending on taxis and others to take me around. Since we are staying here, (I know I have not really announced our retirement plans yet) I had two requests---a car and a trip home every three months to see my new grandbaby who is arriving in August.

I have been keeping the road HOT, HOT, HOT shopping for used furniture that I find on Dubizzle, a local advertising web site, and house hunting. We have to move from our house and furnish it. Our house and furniture have been provided the past two years. I have found some great bargains and am having so much fun with this.

We have some time before we move so I can be picky and choosy about what I buy.
Found these two funky orange chairs. They are so comfortable. Paid a big $163 for them!!!! John and Josh love these chairs. They put away the chairs we had in the TV room and living room and put these in their place. Already in use!This is a cool leather-look chair. I couldn't pass it up. $75

People live here very temporarily--often coming here for only a year or so and they buy all new furniture. Then, when they leave, they sell it all. I got a four poster king sized bed in Malaysian wood, dresser, mirror and two nightstands for $680. And a casual dining table with 5 chairs, a bench, and a full size buffet with glass doors and lights for $680. So, I have a bed to sleep on and a table to eat sofa yet. Negotiating one now! Lots more stuff in the hopper.

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