Sunday, October 25, 2009

First night in Garmisch

The first night in Garmisch was pretty much uneventful. Got to the hotel via a really nice British taxi driver from the "bahnhofe" train station to Edelweiss Lodge. (for the non-military, Edelweiss is a military resort location in the Bavarian Alps in Germany) I got settled in the room, opened my patio door to the crisp night air, and called John to let him know I made it into Garmisch. The slow train ride from Innsbrucke Austria into Garmisch is worth the whole trip. It passes through meadows and small Austrian and German villages like Seefeld and Mittenwald. It travels through tunnels in the mountains and narrow tracks along the side of the mountain. Quite the traveler's experience. We made this treck up the mountain many years ago (in 2000) while stationed in Vicenza, Italy for our very first trip up to Garmisch. We stayed in a "pensione", which is someone's house who lets rooms. It was extremely charming and a great first experience with Germany.

I was hungry and went to "The Pullman" restaurant in the resort and was serenaded by this lovely man tickling the ivories for all the guests in the restaurant. He is truly wonderful on the piano. While standing at the hostess stand getting seated for the restaurant, an older couple overheard me say that I was dining alone and asked me to join them for dinner. You know me....I jump at the chance to meet someone new and delightful. And delightful they were. They were retired educators and he had also retired from the Army. He was an Army Ranger in Special Forces who had jumped out of every kind of aircraft under all kinds of conditions. He had served in Vietnam also. He loves airplanes and enjoyed telling me about a small puddle jumper that he flies regularly. They were such a joy to spend an evening with and so sweet to invite me, a total stranger, to have dinner with them. Jean and Bob Jacobson were their names. Jean said, " I just don't like to see anyone dining alone. What harm is it to invite someone to have dinner with you?" And so we had a lovely evening together talking about his time in the Army, about their retirement travels, and about John's service in the military. Military people are so good and hospitable. They know how to meet people and make them feel welcome and at home.

So much fun to be had on this journey of life.......

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