Monday, October 12, 2009

Out of Abu Dhabi

I haven't posted in a while so I have not mentioned that I am going to Europe for a month. I am currently in Paris. I got here Thursday night, the 8th, and leave tomorrow morning bright and early heading to Venice.

I have walked miles through Paris this week. Not once did I get on a metro or take a taxi! (I took a taxi from the airport but that doesn't count). Friday I went to the Invalides area. I went to the Hotel Invalides to see the army museum and Napoleon's tomb. I can't believe I want to see that Rascals tomb but I do. I am quite entrigued with Mr. Napoleon and find it so interesting how he rose to power in France---and throughout Europe. However, I didn't see the tomb as I got ingrossed in taking photos outside in the garden, met some sisters from Britain on a weekend Paris trip, and ran out of time. I walked over to the Musee Rodin to see The Thinker and took a lot more pictures in their Rose Garden. The museum was okay but not great. I came home late and collapsed. I think I overdid it.

On Saturday, I rested a bit and then decided to take it easy and not push myself. I strolled around my neighborhood---L'Opera. I tried to get tickets to a ballet and the opera but couldn't get either. They were sold out. I had a late afternoon lunch/dinner at the Cafe Haussman across the street from the hotel and sat outside for about 2 hours people watching. I met a young black woman from San Fransico who was there with her boyfriend Pierre. She is in the fashion industry and has lived in Paris for 8 years. I also met another couple but can't remember where they were from.

Today I lazed around and enjoyed my morning in the room. I went on an afternoon photo shoot that extended into the night. I started out in my neighborhood thinking I would go to a museum nearby and spend a leisurely afternoon looking at famous artwork. However, the line was around the corner and an hour wait just to get inside. I opted out. I've been there before. I did spend about an hour hanging around outside and shooting people. (not with a gun) Interesting stuff! I then walked on down to the Champ Elysee and went to the Arc O'Triumph. I walked for two hours and ate lunch in a cafe where I could people watch and snap photos. My waiter was from Italy so I got to practice my Italian. I walked on down to the Eiffel Tower just before dark and went through a street art exhibit on the banks of the river. After dark I started back to the hotel. I window shopped all the way home taking photos of clothes I like. Since I can get a tailor in Abu Dhabi to make custom clothes, I am shopping for styles I like. I found quite a few things along the designer street on Haussman Blvd. I like Valentino! He has GREAT style. Jackie O thought so too!

So I am off to Venice in the morning I'll stay there four days and then on to Aviano where we used to live. John may meet me there for a few days. He has to go to Aviano for some training and he is trying to get it scheduled while I am there. Can't wait to go to Stella's for some great Italian food!!!!!

Life is good. I'm so blessed.

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