Monday, October 26, 2009

Visiting Friends in Garmisch

Yesterday I had lunch with our dear friends Lenora and "Woody" Woodcock and their children Riley and Jacob. John has known Woody since they flew together as Captains at Moody Air Force Base many moons ago and then we were stationed together in Aviano, Italy. Katie used to babysit their children when she would come home to Aviano for the summers and winters during college. Wow, it was so good to see them. Woody is the Dean of Academics at the NATO School in nearby Oberammergau (the home of the Passion Play).

The family came out to Edelweiss and we went to lunch in Garmisch at the famous "slappy pants" restaurant. Can't pronounce the name but it is always remembered for the Alpine dancers that come out in their leather pants and lederhosen to dance the native Bavarian dances. They slap the leather pants when they dance.....hence the "slappy pants" place. We spent several hours together just catching up on all the people we know and what everyone is doing. Some people she knew about and others I knew about so we shared information.

Today I drove up to their home in Oberammergau, about 20 minutes outside of Garmisch. It is a sleepy little alpine village that is famous for the Passion Play which is produced every 10 years. It's a huge event and people come from all over the world to see it. They live right in the center of town in this adorable alpine house. We ate at a FABULOUS restaurant in town. Can you believe that in this tiny village up in the Bavarian Alps is a Michelin Restaurant? We didn't eat at the Michelin restaurant but at the other one and the food was wonderful. The atmosphere was soooooooo German.

This is a school right across the street from Lenora's house. She said tourists stop here all the time to take photos of this beautiful building.

While waiting for Lenora to get to the restaurant, I walked around and took some photos. I soon made a friend. While standing next to a fence around this little house with a barn attached to the back, a black tuxedo cat ran all the way from the back of the barnyard and jumped on the fence next to me. He commenced to stick his nose right into the camera as if to say "hey, how ya' doing? What's this thing? Can I look? Let me smell it. What does it do?" This went on for about 10 minutes. He would follow me along the fence and poke his head at the camera. He was so friendly. And such a scraggly thing he was. He was skinny and sort of warped with his head hanging kind of low. He had one bad eye---it looked brown and the other was green. I think he was blind in the brown eye. I finally had to leave him behind but he lay down on the fence rail and just watched me from afar. Every time I came near, he would stand up and remind me that he was there and start poking his face into the camera lens. He was so clever! And such a charmer.

I did a photo shoot this morning at a lake near the hotel called Reissersee. It was nestled at the top of a hill near the Reisseree Hotel. Today was a cloudy day and the fog was lying low around the lake. Made for some nice photos.

I also walked around the main street in Garmisch this afternoon just looking around and snapping photos here and there. Didn't get much.
Oh, how I hate to leave in the morning. Garmisch is beautiful any time of the year. I've been in the winter snow; and the spring and summer. This was the first time I have visited in the fall. The colors are spectacular and I am so glad I came on this trip.

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