Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Another Graziella day!

The sweet "baby dog" really lives a life of leisure. Her Valentine's Day presents were several new bags of dog food and doggie treats (we had shipped from PetCo) along with a bright pink "snuggie"! We had a few chilly mornings and evenings---and wouldn't you know it---Grazie loved her little pink snuggie. She promptly fell asleep in the lounge chair----just too cute to pass up a photo op.

Today the weather is so beautiful outside---it's actually warming up. John came up with a way to make it "more comfortable" for Graziella to enjoy lounging on the balcony. She loves it. She can recline in the chair with her favorite blanket and still see all that goes on up and down our street.

We recently took Grazie to the park for a walk and had a picnic lunch while we were there. This park is near our house. The weather is so beautiful the parks are busy with people cooking out and children playing. In the summers when the heat is so bad, the parks are deserted in the daytime and fill up after dark when it is cooler. The Arabs are nocturnal people. They shop, eat out, go to the parks, and walk on the corniche at night to avoid the heat. Children stay out late playing. at night also. It is just too hot in the day.

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