Thursday, February 4, 2010

Winter Weather

We had a beautiful day yesterday with warm, tropical breezes in the 70s. Today has been overcast with the wind blowing sand everywhere. Not a sandstorm but it is hazy and one can feel the sand in the air. I can actually taste it on my lips. By this afternoon our courtyard has little tiny "dunes" all over it from the sand blowing.

I have been asked by lots of people about the winter weather. Some days are overcast and temperatures are in the 60s. Last week we had several mornings with dense fog which makes for hazardous driving conditions (it’s already hazardous but the fog makes it worse!). At the present, I am reminded of our days in Hawaii with the light breezes and comfortable temperatures. Graziella has been enjoying the outdoors more than usual resting outside in the courtyard in the sunshine and begging to go out on the balconies. She can get a full view of the yard and the street in front of our house! She loves it.

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