Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Another posting about divorce!

I could not resist writing about an article I saw in Gulf News today about an Arab man who is seeking divorce right after he got married. He claims that he had not seen his bride's face until after the marriage because she always wore a veil that covered her face. He asked the bride to uncover her face so he could kiss her. Once the veil was removed, the man was astonished to find that his bride had crossed eyes and a bearded face. He claims he was tricked by her family in that they showed him photos of their other daughter who is quite beautiful. Apparently it was an arranged marriage and he did not insist on seeing the bride without her veil until after the marriage had taken place. He is asking for restitution for the money he spent on jewelry, clothing, and other items. He was not without compassion though. He arranged for the woman to see a doctor and have her hormone levels checked.
I think it pays to see someone's physical aspects before you marry them!!!

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  1. I know this is an older post, but my goodness! The traditions there are extreme! I can't imagine not knowing my husband, let alone not see his face, before I married him!