Sunday, January 16, 2011

Back on line

I have been really bad and neglected blogging for the last few months. I have vowed to get back into my writing, one of my many resolutions for 2011. I have done a lot of traveling since the beginning of October and neglected spending time recording these travels.

The main objective of my blog is to give my readers a different view of the Middle East----one they probably have not experienced or heard about as the view in America tends to be a little lopsided. I want to share my experience of living in the Middle East with friends and family---an experience that has been both eye-opening, enlightening, frustrating, and exciting all at once.

So after today, I promise to be better at posting blogs and get down to the business of sharing Abu Dhabi and my other travels with my readers. I have made a few other promises to myself for this new year and earnestly hope that I am capable of fulfilling those promises!

Our year ended with a bang at the announcement that my son Dan and his lovely wife Heidi are expecting their first child in August 2011. Excitement does not fully express what we feel. I cannot wait to be a grandparent and experience what all grandparents describe as the best experience of their lives. We already have an ultrasound showing the little bugger in all its tiny glory---I think it was the size of a raspberry or blueberry on that day---and cannot wait to see more as he/she grows. Life cannot get any better than this!

So back to the grind---the drawing board----the keyboard----the notebook----or whatever you want to call it. More blogging to come.

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