Monday, January 31, 2011

Fashion Week in Middle East

Over the last few days Pakistan has been celebrating Fashion Week in Islamabad, the first ever held in Pakistan. The four day event showcased fashion designers from all over the region. Although the styles are still more Middle Eastern, the fact that colors and beautiful fabrics with beaded decoration is surprising.

Kamran Sani, one of the directors of Excellent Events Entertainment, the company behind the four-day extravaganza, is quoted in Gulf News as saying he believes this event will change how the world views Pakistan.

Sani says, "There is a bright side to Pakistan, which is modern, secular and upwardly progressive. No one bothers to see that side — they see the Taliban, bomb blasts, floods, poverty. But Pakistan is alive and kicking and the time has come for our fashion industry to go global. The west needn't be so surprised global culture has fully crept in to Pakistan and our fashion designers are brilliant."

Pakistan fights religious sect governing, in particular in regards to the way women dress. Some regions are forbidden to wear colors and decorative abayas so this is quite a change. From what I have seen in the pictures in the paper, there is nothing immoral about the clothing that is on display. The clothes are quite beautiful. I see this event as an advancement in the right direction and, hopefully, change will take place.

Photo and content quoted provided by Gulf

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