Thursday, January 27, 2011

Pizza Hut Arabia

Yesterday I decided to look at the Pizza Hut advertisement in my daily paper. I have never paid much attention to them, but the photo and the price of the food on the photo caught my eye. I decided to look further. I was astonished. (We haven't eaten at Pizza Hut while here)

Front page: A feast for a family of 4 --one small square pan pizza, one Lasagna, 4 pieces of garlic bread, potato wedges, 4 medium pepsis and sauce for 55 dirhams ($15).

I could not believe the incredible price nor to imagine what this package would have cost in the USA. I would safely guess at $35 to $45. Let's break it down:

USA prices based on Pizza Hut Menu Price website
1 medium pizza thin crust $15.00 (they don't have square in US)
Potato wedges 4.49 (in US sauce would cost extra)
Lasagna 12.99 (breaksticks would be included)
4 Pepsis 8.00 (conservative educated guess)
Total $40.48


They offered another plan for six which included 3 medium pizzas, six slices garlic bread, a salad, and six pepsis for .....drumroll..........85 dirhams ($23)

They call them value meals----and they are definitely a value! Wow!

Wish I knew why it was so much cheaper here. The government does keep strict controls on food prices and aims to make food prices affordable for everyone in the country. Not sure if Pizza Hut just maintains a lower profit margin or their production costs are lower. I imagine that Pizza Hut just makes a larger profit in the US.

Surprises never cease!

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