Monday, January 17, 2011

Car Wash

Every Friday morning, which is the Holy Day and the first day of our weekend, we drive down to the nearby ADNOC gas station and get John's car washed before we take Graziella to a park nearby for a walk. We go through the automated one, although there is lane where the car is totally washed by hand. After going through the car wash, we drive over to the vaccum and cleaning area where a hord of Filipino men descend on your car to finish the job. They wipe the car down completely inside and outside and use an air brush to get water out of all the cracks and crevices. They wash all the tires by hand and vaccum the interior of the car---thoroughly. No half-way job here like in the US. They take great pride in getting the car very clean and to your satisfaction. Also, they know the Americans will give them good tips. I have never seen an Arab give them a tip. John usually gives each worker about 5 dirham, the equivalent of 1.36 USD. The service is unbelievable and something you would not find in the US. These guys do not even make a US salary of minimum wage. The car wash plus the vacuming costs 30 dirham, which is 8.00 USD. Amazing!

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