Sunday, November 8, 2009

Days after Katie

I did not get in a hurry to do much of anything today. I made my way down Rue Moufftard to my favorite café and spent at least a couple of hours there this morning watching all the action and drinking café. It is quite amusing…..I saw a traffic jam in this little square. All of the delivery trucks come through the narrow one way streets trying to make their deliveries to the various businesses. They all managed to get in the little traffic circle at the same time and traffic got really backed up. It was hilarious to watch. They just kept going around the circle.

I guess I am destined to be on French television. I observed some men sitting in the café talking with each other; another guy came up on a motorcycle; they were talking French and English; then they set one guy up with a laptop at one of the little bistro tables; I saw one guy walk up and tell him to get rid of the case under it; he came back and told him to take off his jacket; then he instructed him on how to work on the computer. I thought all of this was rather odd. I even considered that maybe they were giving this guy some kind of training on the computer. I don’t know what made me turn my head to the right, but I turned to discover a big video camera just outside the café pointed right at me and the man sitting next to me at the computer. I began to look a little closer at the guys manning the camera and it was the ones who were sitting with him earlier and giving him all the strange instructions. They were filming a commercial or something. And there I sit! How bizarre! So I guess I am in a commercial or something. Who knows. They must not be using me in it though because they would have had to get a release from me, don’t you think?

How funny is that!

I then walked all over the Latin Quartier with my camera taking photos and walked to the market at Place Monge. By this time, it was time for lunch, so I stopped and bought me a rotisserie chicken, some roasted potatoes, and a pellergrino and made my way to Jardin de Luxembourg to have a picnic lunch. I spent some time in the park eating lunch and reading and just watching people. It turned cloudy and windy and got cold so I left and went to the internet café to make some phone calls and check email. I left there and went to a little café next door and started reading Les Miserables while I had a café au lait. I am quite impressed with Mr. Hugo. I really like his book.

I went back to the hotel to rest for a while and then went out to dinner in a little café down the street. I then went to a pub in the square and hung out for a while drinking wine.

Oh, the life of living in Paris. I so enjoyed this day.

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