Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Katie in Paris Day 6

We were so tired after two straight days of non stop touring that we slept a little late and then found the best little cafe for breakfast with the best croissants ever. We ordered cafe au lait and ate croissants to our hearts content. It was raining pretty steady so we decided to go over to the Galleries Lafayette for a while. First though we spent the morning in the laundry mat near the hotel. I had worn everything at least three times. Doing laundry in the laundromat here costs sooooo much. We did three loads and it cost us about 30 dollars! Unbelievable.

Spending some time shopping in Paris is a must. I could spend sooooo much money. The clothes are so cool and everyone here uses accessories to make a fashion statement. The Galleries Lafayette is extremely crowded---no kidding, it is like Christmas Eve every day of the week. The later in the day, the worse the crowd. In some stores, it is so crowded you cannot even look at anything. You are elbow to elbow at the racks and shelves and the lines are 10 or more people deep waiting to check out. It is totally crazy. At my insistance, Katie got a black trench coat because that is all the rage here. EVERYONE has on a trench coat. They are just so classy. I thought she really needed one to spruce up her wardrobe! We stayed until well after dark walking up and down the streets looking in windows. We took the Metro back across the city and collapsed after picking up some of our favorite Greek food at Isle d'Crete.

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