Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Katie Arrives Day 1

Katie arrived safe and sound on Luftansa Airlines early in the morning around 7:00 and got to the hotel by taxi a little after 8:00. She looked so smart and Parisian!!!!! We unloaded her luggage and walked down to a little café at the end of Rue Moufftard (a very famous street in the Latin Quartier) and settled in for a caffe and a croissant. The croissants are always so fresh and light!!!! Yum, yum. We sat and leisurely had breakfast catching up on everything. We pulled out our maps and pamphlets and talked about everything we wanted to do over the next few days. We then took off for the Pantheon which is about one block from our hotel. We walked through the Pantheon and went down into the crypt. The church was first built on this site in 507AD . Then later in 1744, Louis XV pledged to build a church I honor of Saint Genevieve and in 1755 a gentleman by the name of Soufflot was given the task of building the new church. He wanted to outdo St. Peter in Rome. It is now a national monument and many famous people are buried below. Voltaire; Rousseau; Victor Hugo; Marie Curie; Joan of Arc and Saint Louis, King of France are just a few of the famous individuals who lie in the Pantheon.

We later walked down to the Jardin de Luxembourg (Luxembourg Gardens) which is a huge park kind of like Central Park in New York and had a picnic lunch. We stopped at a patisserie on the way over and bought jambon e formage ham and cheese sandwiches. The French definitely know how to relax and enjoy a park. We blended nicely as we reclined in our chairs in the park and relaxed.

After forcing ourselves out of the chairs, we walked down Saint Michel Blvd and arrived on the Left Bank at Notre Dame. We walked through this beautiful church and admired the huge stained glass windows adorning the building. I’ve been to Mass here on several occasions and the acoustics are just fabulous.

We walked back to the hotel and went back to the Latin Quartier and had dinner at Isle d’ Crete again! The day was definitely a good one.

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