Sunday, November 8, 2009

Katie Day 8The Last Day

We got up and out to our little café on Rue Moufftard and then off to the Champs Elysee to cruise. We spent some time in a big book store looking at everything and bought a French book. We ate lunch in the Vesuvio Café and hung out practicing our French. Katie has fallen for the jambon a formage sandwiche ham and cheese sandwich on a baguette. Then we walked down to the end of the avenue to the Arc O’ Triomph. Wow is that thing huge! We went to the top!!!! 284 steps mind you! And then 284 down! It was so cool to go up there and see the city. We got lots of great photos of Paris. And the Eiffel was like right there! I didn’t know it but the Arc O’Triomph is the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier for France and it has an eternal flame. That Napoleon, the little rascal---he loved his monuments!

Katie wanted to eat her last dinner at Isle d’Crete so off we went.

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