Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Katie Day 4

Well, it’s Saturday in Paris and we spent the day at the Louvre. I went back down Rue Moufftard this morning and got quiche and croissants for breakfast. Then, off to the Metro and the Louvre. The first thing we did was go find the Mona Lisa before it was so crowded you couldn’t see it. After that we walked through all the Italian paintings; all the French paintings; all the Dutch paintings; and some of the collection of sculptures Napolean took from Rome; the king’s apartments; and the collection of art and furniture from the monarchy; and the remains of the medieval castle that once stood on that same site; we saw more than we can ever describeto anyone. We came home at 5:00 exhausted but happy. We had dinner out at a little Bistro in the Latin Quartier and off to bed. It’s Versailles tomorrow!!!!!

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