Sunday, November 8, 2009

Right or Left Etiquette

Isn’t there a rule of Etiquette about which side of the street to walk or which side of the staircase to climb? I have always been under the impression one walks on the RIGHT side of anything. Not so in Europe. It seems to me they walk all over the place. I may stray from time-to-time and find myself ambling along absentmindedly on the wrong side of the street but I most certainly straighten myself and get back on the RIGHT side when I realize this error. What is one to do when the 20 people walking toward you are scattering to the wind because they are confused about which side of the crosswalk they should occupy? Some people are very confident and stride directly towards you and seem annoyed that you are in their way----but remember I am on the RIGHT side of the crosswalk. Then, there are those people who just seem terribly confused. They walk towards you, then go left, then go right, then go left, and then I start moving LEFT even though I know that I should be RIGHT. You do this dance with them and then they utter “pardon.” There are street signs for everything else. Why not have a street sign that says “walk to the right” “keep right” or something? This would certainly help the Europeans walk on the right side.

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