Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Katie Day 3

I got up this morning and walked down Rue Moufftard while Katie caught up on her sleep. I stopped at the fromagerie and got us a variety of French cheeses and some crackers; I went to the Boulanger and got some freshly made croissants (they were still warm); I stopped at the Pateressie and got a quiche. When I got back to the room, Katie was up and dressed. We sat down at our little table in the room and ate our breakfast of croissants and cheeses. Then we set out to the internet cafĂ© and spent an hour or so making calls on Skype and touching base with family. After spending way too long dallying in that place, we meandered our way down Saint Michel Boulevard and went to Saint Chappelle. It was a lovely church with some of the most beautiful windows I’ve ever seen. We then walked to Montparnassee thinking we would go shopping at the Galleries Lafayette. However, we did not care much for this area. We ate lunch and opted to take the subway over to the other Galleries Lafayette in the L’Opera area of Paris. In about 10 minutes, we were making our way past the famous Saint Lazare Train Station and in the midst of thousands of shoppers. We shopped until well past dark and took the subway back to our hotel. Tired as we were, Katie wanted a take away Gyro from Isle d’Crete. So we walked down Rue Moufftard and got her a plate and took it back to the room. We had a little picnic dinner at our table in the room.

Another wonderful day in Paris. We just pinch ourselves!

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